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Inventory - What do valve suppliers typically have on the shelf?

- Written by the Valve Pipeline Staff

Not everyone can stock everything and as a result valve suppliers typically classify inventory into a few different sections. Having worked at a few different valve companies over the years I've learned that, more often than not, inventory is classified as A, B or C.
This article will cover what falls into each of these categories and where (if) it is a standard stocking item. It doesn't cover every type of valve out there i.e. oddball/specialty valves, but should give you a good guide for most typical valves. Low temp and regular temp are assumed material grades with typical trims unless otherwise noted.

A - Inventory Items
These are the "every day" high turnover items. These are the items that distributors and valve suppliers try to keep on the shelf no matter what (though shorts/holes occur more than anyone would like to admit). "A" Inventory items vary based on what brand a company handles. This list will show you typical "A" items that should be stocked by the appropriate vendor.

B - Inventory Items
These are the items that are typically stocked by someone in the industry; usually not at the distributor level (unless they got caught with bad stock or are taking some risks based on usage). These items sell fairly frequently but are not usually considered a "must-have" inventory item (though the companies that stock these items typically sell more of the "A" items as a result)

C - Inventory Items
These are the items that are stocked by a select few in reduced quantities. These items can be hard to find on the shelf and are usually factory delivery (especially if you are brand specific)

If a valve is not covered by these quick guides then odds are it is a specialty item that will be hard to locate off the shelf. It may only come from a specialized supplier, or will likely be a factory delivery item. If you are looking for a hard to find item, The Valve Pipeline membership options might be for you as we specialize in valve sourcing.

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Valve Tip:
Quarter-turn valves were invented because you only need to turn them a "quarter-turn" or 90* to open or close them (as opposed to gate/globe valves which are multi-turn and take many turns to do the same operation)