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Piping Class Ratings - Classes and Pressure Numbers (PN)

Piping Class Ratings based on ASME B16.5 and corresponding PN (Pression Nominal/Pressure Nominal):
Flange Class 150 300 400 600 900 1500 2500
Flange Pressure Nominal, PN 20 50 68 100 150 250 420

Pressure Nominal is the rating designator followed by a designation number indicating the approximate pressure rating in bars.
1 bar = 1x105 Pa (N/m2) = 0.1 N/mm2 = 10,197 kp/m2 = 10.20 m H2O = 0.98692 atm = 14.5038 psi (lbf/in2)
PN ratings do not provide a proportional relationship between different PN numbers, whereas class numbers do. Class numbers are therefore recommended before PN ratings.

Size Conversion Table - NPS to DN to OD
The following table can be used to convert NPS (nominal pipe size) to DN (diameter nominal) and to OD (outside diameter in mm). Engineers typically use NPS; however the three are interchangeable in terms of valve applications.

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Valve Tip:
Coating a valve can sometimes save cost/delivery over special alloy valves ordered through factory.